OnnoRokom BigganBaksho at DITF

The OnnoRokom BigganBaksho, first ever science kit in the country, has brought special touch in the massive arrangement of the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) this year. Crossing the main gate, there will be found a laboratory on the left side on view (Stall: PS-64). The curious children are experiencing the joyful experiments. The OnnoRokom BigganBaksho is a laboratory of science of the OnnoRokom Electronics Co Limited, a subsidy of OnnoRokom Group. The BigganBaksho is first and only science kit in Bangladesh which enables the learners to experiment different science projects. Basically, the BigganBaksho is designed for the learners of age scale of seven and above.

The OnnoRokom Biggan Baksho stall at Dhaka trade fair is decorated with a flavor of science and attractive mode as well, says a news release. As the BigganBaksho brings pleasure in mind, such that ‘gifts’ will fill up the bag! Those who buy the product, they get a coupon and three lucky buyers according lottery will get Laptop, Tab and Smart phone. Besides, there is an opportunity to win a refrigerator and voltage stabilizer by writing a review about BigganBaksho. Every box hosts a Badge and Sticker as inbox items. There is organized a quiz competition for the science loving kids at the BigganBaksho stall. Top three winners of the competition will be rewarded with Bluetooth speaker, Pen Driver, Power Bank, Selfie Stick and Table Lamp. The quiz answers should be submitted to the Facebook Page of BigganBaksho



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