Exchanging desktop to laptop

Bangladeshi technology hardware & service company Systemeye Technologies Limited has announces special campaign offering exchange of used desktop computer to brand new laptop with warranty which is considered as first of its kind. In a media statement, the company informed that the price of used desktop computer will be tag after examining the condition of the device and making balance with price of new laptop. The company official said that the desktop computer should in OK condition and the Systemeye decision on price line is final. One who interested to exchange desktop with laptop, can send email (sales@systemeye.net) attaching photograph of PC and other configuration including–processor, RAM, harddisk and motherboard. Then user will be informed about an approximate price line.

‘We got knock from user tremendously with the Laptop Exchanging offer. Now introducing the Desktop to Laptop exchange campaign to reach more people’ Razib Ahmed Sales Manager, Systemeye, said. To complete the process, user has to submit shopping memo or national identity card as well as to ensure secure deal. The campaign will continue till November 12, 2016.



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