Augmedix brands Bangladesh abroad: Palak

Bangladeshi outsourcing firm Augmedix will contribute to brand country abroad; ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak expressed hope. “Skype represents the country, Estonia and Nokia fames Finland worldwide. Similarly, medical start-up Augmedix will uphold Bangladesh with a new identity globally, “ Zunaid Ahmed Palak said while addressing a media meet at Augmedix head office in capital’s Panthapath on Tuesday night. Augmedix founder and Chief Executive Officer Ian Shakil and USA-based investor firm Redmile Managing Director Gerard van Hamel Platerink were, among others, present on the occasion. Organisers informed that the Redmile Group has already invested $ 10s of million to a Bangladeshi medical scribing firm which has been serving for physicians in US from its headquarter in Dhaka.

Augmedix provides a platform that enables doctors to wear Google Glass as they see patients, while remote medical scribes fill out the electronic medical records in real time based on what they hear and see from the visit. At present the company supports primary care physicians, specialists and surgeons working in 40 states of USA. Redmile Managing Director Gerard van Hamel Platerink came to Dhaka to observe the initiatives. Augmedix founder and Chief Executive Officer Ian Shakil outlined innovation initiatives to use artificial intelligence (AI) to train scribes faster and to supercharge scribe productivity while offering more high value services onto the Augmedix platform. “The government posted Augmedix to a status of software technology park where hundreds of engineers and thousands of scribes are working with foreign physicians over connectivity,” He also said Augmedix looks forward to the continued support from the government through their LICT programme to assist in achieving our ambitions of creating sustainable middle-income jobs and leading towards the goal of a “Digital Bangladesh 2021. Redmile Managing Director Gerard van Hamel Platerink said that there are so much potential for ongoing smart international investments to continue seek Bangladesh opportunities, at Augmedix and beyond. Augmedix is the first and largest Google Glass company founded by Bangladeshi-origin Ian Shakil in 2012 which previously raised more than $60 million in venture funding to date.



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