Android “O” to be revealed – leaked by Motorola

Google maintains a scheme while naming the Android version. Though the upcoming version of Android, namely Android N is not available yet, Motorola leaks that the following version will be Android O. In promoting the Motorola Moto G4 Plus, Motorola mentioned that the phone will come with Android Marshmallow and be upgraded to both Android N and Android O. This could be fraught with danger for Motorola since not even Google knows for sure what features will be in Android O, and Motorola has a history of skipping updates on phones that were not too old to receive them.

Still there is no guarantee that Google will continue to use the same naming scheme for the Android open source OS that it has employed since deciding that Android 1.5 would be “Cupcake.” Since then, there have been 11 consecutive builds (including Android N) that have followed the same rules.

Since guessing which dessert Google will use to match the next letter in the series has become a fun guessing game, you might want to start going through “O” dessert names now.




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